Tejas Web Regional Dandelion Gathering

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Tejas Web’s Regional Dandelion Gathering is October 13-16, 2022

We join together in-person for a long weekend in the Texas Hill Country. We encourage families, partners, and all ages to attend as we deepen our relationships with the Wild and one another. The flexible structure of Dandelion Gathering holds a variety of activities, magic, and fun: Rituals under the Stars, Justice Magic, the Wild, Fae, and Ancestors, Children’s Activities, Bardic Circle, Drumming, Dancing, and Optional Offerings. Drug-free and Alcohol-free gathering.

Indoor beds going fast! If you are thinking that you want an indoor bed, please reserve in advance. Fabulous tenting. Children welcome. 

COVID Risk Reduction: Up-to-date vaccination, including boosters, required for all registrants that are eligible.

 Early Bird discounts through July 15. Comfy beds, delightful tenting sites, plenty of bathrooms, hot tub, AND delicious food (organic, vegan, vegetarian, omnivore).

Wyrd Intention for the year:

We dare to fly into the Wild to gather Wisdom and Allies, and we transmute injustice into Justice from the Sanctuary of the Cavern.

The trees spoke, “Welcome back, we’re ready to help.”
The crackling fire summoned us to the circle.
The dandelion root grew thick and deep, the flowers bloomed,
and then turned to seed and blew into the wind.
Ancestors and the Mighty Dead are keenly interested.
The Well of Accountability deepens, and we drink of it.
The Earth sings with the music of crystals.
Sacred water cleanses and drips.
The drums vibrate in our dancing.
We fly.
We time travel.
Change is rising, shining, connecting, rippling.
We are the Spell that shifts reality.

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