About – Bylaws

Bylaws of Reclaiming Collective

A California Religious Corporation

ByLaws – Table of Contents

Article 1. Offices
Article 2. Purposes
Article 3. Members
Article 4. Officers
Article 5. Committees and Cells
Article 6. Execution of Instruments, Deposits and Funds
Article 7. Corporate Records, Reports and Seal
Article 8. Fiscal Year
Article 9. Amendment of Bylaws
Article 10. Prohibition Against Sharing Corporate Profits and Assets

Reclaiming revised its ByLaws in Winter 2017-18. While it brought our ByLaws into alignment with current practices, we are sad to announce that the office of Pursewarden has been discontinued, which will doubtless disappoint all those who dreamed of one day holding such an illustrious office!

For a copy of our current ByLaws, email ReclaimingSecretary@gmail.com