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Introduction to Witchcraft

Introduction to Witchcraft (FAQ): general information for those new to the whole concept. Not Reclaiming specific. Copyright © 1999-2000 Vibra Willow

The “W” Word, or Why We Call Ourselves Witches – by M. Macha NightMare © Reclaiming Quarterly, Midsummer 1998

Glossary: explanations of words you might read or hear in regards to witchcraft. Copyright © 1999-2000 Vibra Willow

Structure of a Ritual: what one can generally expect when attending a Reclaiming-style ritual. Copyright © 1999-2000 Vibra Willow

Wheel of the Year: the cycle of seasons and witchcraft holy days. Copyright © 1999-2000 Vibra Willow

The Charge of the Goddess: Traditional by Doreen Valiente, as adapted by Starhawk
Many traditions use this as a foundation.

The Etiquette of Witchcraft, Reclaiming Style – by M. Macha NightMare © Reclaiming Newletter, Summer 1995

Circle Etiquette – by M. Macha NightMare © 2000-2001

Reclaiming & Starhawk Chants Recordings – listen free online

Reclaiming’s Origins and “Points of View”

Reclaiming: History, Structure, and the Future – by Jody Logan and Patti Martin  Reclaiming Newsletter, Issue 61, Winter 1995

A Brief History of Reclaiming – by Vibra Willow

Reclaiming Tradition Witchcraft – by M. Macha NightMare

A History of the Spiral Dance – from Reclaiming Quarterly magazine

Reclaiming Collective and Restructure

Reclaiming Collective Bylaws

Restructuring Update – 1997

Reclaiming’s Current Direction

Dandelion Gathering & Birch Reports – 2019

A Working Definition of Reclaiming – by Starhawk

Principles of Unity – 1997 / updated 2012

Politics: The Five-Point Agenda – by Starhawk

BIRCH – Broad Intra-Reclaiming Council of Hubs (All-Reclaiming Council)