Earth Day with Starhawk – Online

Earth Healing Practices for Earth Day: Saturday. April 22 11 AM Pacific Time.

Online event. By donation: A benefit for Earth Activist Training. ASL signed for the hearing-impaired.

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The earth is crying out for healing, and we can answer her call most skillfully when we develop our own intimate relationship to the natural world. And that deep earth connection is also the foundation for our personal resilience.

Join Starhawk to learn spiritual and hands-on practices from five accomplished earth healers of varied traditions, including Charles Williams of Earth Activist training and three of our rising young indigenous teachers and allies: Mariah Masters, Sunshine Claymore and Kanyon Sayers-Rood.

Come away with new tools for your own earth healing practice, with inspiration and renewed energy for the struggles and the joys of the great work of our time – the regeneration of land and community.

Click the link above to register and to find out about the many exciting events we have planned for this special week.

Wyrd Vibrations – Reclaiming’s New Album!

Wyrd Vibrations – Album Preview

Spotify – click here

Youtube videos – click here

Wyrd Vibrations: Future Sounds of Paganism from Reclaiming Tradition – released Spring 2023 –  took root several years ago with a conversation at Mysteries of Samhain witchcamp.

Step Tranovich of Electromancy, a disabled musician, had just produced an album of hard rock played entirely by robots called Technopagan. KMo Valkrie, also at the camp, added ethereal vocals on Electromancy’s debut, and we laughed that this ought to be Reclaiming’s new sound.

About the same time Lali Wilde brought out an album of unique art-pop songs. And Thesmophora recorded a Russian version of Starhawk’s song Snake Woman.

Our joke took on new life. We talked on zoom a couple of times, then put out a call on Reclaiming’s elists. We received so many tracks that we made two albums. (Watch for a new collection of ritual music, Melodic Mystery, later this Spring.)

Here’s a preview of the 15 tracks on Wyrd Vibrations: Future Sounds of Paganism from Reclaiming Tradition.

– George, Step, KMo, & Ola’i — album coordinators


Suzanne Sterling, Beverly Frederick, magic brook. You’ve heard them do chants. Now they stretch it out.

Lali Wilde, Irene Rojas-Carroll, Heaven Walker, Doug Orton, Dia Patience, Cyd Reiman, KMo Valkyrie – singers heard for the first time on a Reclaiming album.

Mary’s Madness rocks it. Funky Nixons rap it. The elevator mix of an old classic will lift your spirits!

And robots – did we mention that Electromancy is a robot band? With videos to prove it!


Fifteen tracks of music ranging from deep to dramatic to daunting. Electronica, rap, metal, a capella, trance, indie pop…. Complete with videos!


All streaming sites – listen where you want – but don’t miss the youtube video playlist!


Official rollout begins Equinox 2023. Album is already streaming.


Because we want Reclaiming albums to represent all of our music!


Search on streaming sites <wyrd vibrations pagan> – or watch for links around Spring Equinox 2023!



The BIRCH Committee NEEDS new members!

Would you like to join us? We are seeking 3-5 more people

We especially encourage BIPOC, transgender, non-binary, disabled, and people of all ages, especially from communities outside of the USA.

Contact us for more information at 

What is BIRCH?

BIRCH is The Broader Intra-Reclaiming Council Hub to help support tradition-wide decisions for the Reclaiming tradition. The BIRCH Committee is empowered to convene BIRCH meetings and plan meeting agendas.

The current BIRCH Committee of 4 includes BIPOC, Non-Binary, Non-USA, Disabled, and Elder members.

What will you do?

BIRCH Committee members meet online via Zoom every 2-4 weeks working by consensus to do all the work necessary to make BIRCH meetings happen. You will likely spend an average of 4-9 hours per month. You will receive a financial stipend, as well as a unique insight into the Reclaiming process and develop connections with Reclaiming communities and members around the globe. Terms of service are 2-3 years. 

Skills Required

Especially: Seeking skills in communications, outreach, tech, fundraising, accounting, consensus, and BIRCH process.

Do you have special skills in one or more of these areas? Let us know if you are interested in joining us.

General: Good organization and communications, reliability, knowledge of the Reclaiming Tradition and consensus process, and access to reliable internet services for video conferencing.

Please contact if you are interested in joining us and tell us about yourself, relevant skills and interests, your home community and geography, and if you identify as BIPOC, trans/non-binary, disabled, youth, elder. Contact us for more information

With gratitude-

The BIRCH Committee: Alex, Lilo, Morgana, Ten Crows, Valériane Snow

Family Camp Reg Opens Feb 13!

Registration for Redwood Magic Family Camp opens on Monday February 13. (Witchlets reg opens in early March.)

Redwood Magic moves to mid-June this year — June 10-14, 2023 at Mendocino Woodlands Camp two.

Join us as we create community magic our first year at Camp Two. Workshops and activities for all ages.

Our reg fees are low – and we have some scholarship support. BIPOC, LGBTQ, and young adult families are especially welcomed!

Website/reg – click here


Photo by Stephen Readmond.

Brigid Ritual with Starhawk – Online

The Well of Regeneration

A Ritual for Brigid, Goddess of Fire and Water

Sunday February 5 -11am PST

By donation – click here to register

A Benefit for Earth Activist Training. This ritual will help us recoup some of our losses from the recent storms.

Renew your spirit and replenish your energy at Brigid’s well!

Imbolc, the ancient Celtic Festival sacred to the Goddess of the Holy Well and Sacred Flame, marks spring’s beginning. After a winter of storms, blizzards and floods, we are ready for regeneration!

Brigid is the midwife, aiding the birth of all new things, and the patroness of poetry, smithcraft and healing. Join us for a guided meditation to her Holy Well to find our sources of personal and earth healing, and the inspiration to forge a world of justice and balance.

 Please share this widely!  It will be ASL interpreted and close captioned.

By donation – click here to register

Honoring the Wild – a new book from Irisanya Moon

Irisanya Moon, a teacher and author in the Reclaiming tradition, has just published a book on Reclaiming-style magical activism.

Honoring the Wild: Reclaiming Witchcraft and Environmental Activism by Irisanya Moon

Author’s website and store- click here

Bookshelf online store – click here

Amazon & Kindle – click here

Reclaiming Witchcraft is deeply rooted in activism, including environmental activism, as an answer and an action to drive change. From political actions to personal calls, “Honoring the Wild” compiles stories and lessons from Reclaiming Witches from around the world.

This book seeks to inspire as much as it does to inform, knowing that creativity and purpose are often better motivators for lasting change. With a timeline of activism in Reclaiming, these pages contain facts and fears, confessions and collaborations, and (perhaps) a call to the reader who wants to learn more and do more.

Publisher’s Weekly Review

Irisanya Moon (Practically Pagan) collects meditations on the Reclaiming Witchcraft tradition in this brief, inspiring anthology.

Founded in the late 1970s, the Reclaiming tradition is based in “deep, spiritual commitment to the earth, to healing and to linking of magic with political action,” Moon writes.

Short accounts from Reclaiming witches weave a “tapestry of many different threads,” including tried-and-true advice for being environmentally conscious (buying secondhand clothes, using public transportation), discussions of “magical activism” (which takes the form of writing, storytelling, and organizing protests), and accounts of individuals’ experiences (using directed energy to help protect the California redwood forests during protests).

Suggested rituals include an “Extinction Rebellion Ritual” (which involves speaking one’s demands into being in a group setting), while an annotated timeline highlights major moments in Reclaiming history, from anti-nuclear demonstrations in 1976 to 2017’s Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

Though the takes on activism will be familiar, the personal narratives evoke a raw earnestness and urgency that will encourage readers to do their part to protect the earth. Reclaiming witches and those curious about the tradition will find value here.’

Classes Abound – Online & In Person!

Many Reclaiming classes are being offered in 2023. Some are online via zoom. Others are in-person.

Reclaiming’s basic introductory class is Elements of Magic. You can find the book of the same title (by Jane Meredith & Gede Parma) online.

Reclaiming Quarterly’s forthcoming book – already available as a free download! – can be found at

For latest class listings, visit

Dancing the Spiral – free download!

Dancing the Spiral: A Companion to the Writings of Starhawk for Circles & Solitaries

Free PDF

Download a free PDF of the almost-completed version of this compendium of Reclaiming magic – history, ritual skills, activism, dozens of  workings for individuals and small groups, plus all sorts of resources for your magical practice.

Roundtable interviews feature folks from around the Reclaiming network. Links to dozens of ritual-tested chants. Illustrated with photos from witchcamps and rituals.

Planned for 2023 publication, you can get a jump on the magical world by grabbing a free PDF now!

Dancing the Spiral – free PDF:

More Reclaiming Resources

Seeds of Hope & Renewal – a Ritual with Starhawk

Come and find hope with us!

This is the dark time of year, when winter closes in and sometimes it’s hard to keep the warm flames of hope alive. But the cold, dark ground is where seeds gestate and prepare to grow again. Some seeds can only sprout after enough coldness, roughness, fire, or other disturbance.

In these times when the great disturbance of climate meltdown impacts all of us, we come together to prepare for new growth in both practical and spiritual ways.

Join us for both spiritual and practical inspiration. In ritual, we’ll find our own deep sources of renewal, and we’ll ground our hope with actual examples of projects from our students and teachers, that regenerate ecosystems and put into practice the skills of earth healing.

Admission is by donation, proceeds go to support our diversity scholarship fund. Learn more and register here:

An online ritual with Starhawk and Earth Activist Training.