Dia de los Muertos – Virtual Altars

In other years, Dia de los Muertos in San Francisco would mean a November 2nd community celebration honoring the dead, with altars in a local park and a candlelight procession through the streets of the Mission District.

In the face of the Covid pandemic, the Marigold Project has moved the 2020 commemoration online, with beautiful elemental altars created by local artists.

Click here to view the 2020 altars, photographed by Noah Berger for the Chronicle.

Reclaiming Cauldron – new experimental journal!

Welcome to the first and perhaps only issue of the Reclaiming Cauldron, a compendium of creativity from around Reclaiming. Folks from around our network wrote, photo- graphed, painted, and even helped proofread.

Print edition or free download – 150 pages of writings, artwork, photos, music and video links, book excerpts – and even some funny stuff!

You can download a free copy, or order a black & white ($20) or full-color ($30) print edition at WeaveAndSpin.org/cauldron

What New Orleans’ Common Ground Collective can teach us about surviving crisis together

Fifteen years after Hurricane Katrina, the Common Ground Collective’s uncommon success offers lessons on how to build effective mutual aid projects today.
Many Reclaiming people took part in post-Katrina restoration – Common Ground was one of the main groups facilitating volunteers and relief efforts.

Photo by Peter Lerrman/Wikimedia Commons


Salon on the Reclaiming Principles of Unity

August 15, 2020 – 2pm (San Francisco); 6:00pm (Rio de Janeiro);10:00pm (London); August 16 at 7:00am (Melbourne)

We are pleased to announce a community wide salon regarding the recent proposed modifications to the Reclaiming Principles of Unity (PoU). This salon is occurring because we recognize that Facebook and/or e-mail discussion lists have limitations in their effectiveness for discussions of topics as important to our community as these. In this salon, we will directly address discussion points that were raised in the International Reclaiming WAF facebook group, regarding the line from the PoU that states, “We value peace and practice non-violence, in keeping with the Rede, ‘Harm none, and do what you will.’”

The purpose of this salon is to hear about (1) the history and intent of the formation of the Principles of Unity by former Reclaiming Collective members who remain active in the community and (2) the proposed changes by members of a Reclaiming group called Decolonizing Actions in Reclaiming (DARC). DARC is a group of Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) and mixed race Reclaiming community members who are intent on returning the Reclaiming Witchcraft tradition and Reclaiming communities into being radically accessible and inclusive of People of color through our efforts of decolonizing actions, social justice, compassion, integrity and love.

This salon will not be a general discussion group and it is not a decision making forum. It will be composed of 2 fishbowl sessions and small breakout groups. This salon is for active community members who are actively engaged in this topic. No other topics will be addressed.

This salon will take place via Zoom and therefore has a limitation of 250 participants. This session will be recorded for viewing by community members who are not able to attend. Priority for attendance will be provided for BIPOC community members. We kindly ask that only people who are able to make a firm commitment to attend register for the event. By signing up you are consenting to the recording of this session.

This session will occur on August 15, 2020, 2pm (San Francisco); 6:00pm (Rio de Janeiro);10:00pm (London); August 16 at 7:00am (Melbourne).

If you would like to attend this salon, we ask that you commit to completing the following pre-work:

2019 BIRCH Consensus Items: https://www.dandeliongathering.org/birch
DARC BIPOC and Mixed Race Reclaiming Convergence Statement to Reclaiming on Anti-Racist Practices: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17mPT7rU73kIoaW8uAseSKPHSISJUuOLeLsJaDzqi1IM/edit#heading=h.38z5r8zctnc.

Reclaiming Principles of Unity: https://reclaimingcollective.wordpress.com/principles-of-unity/

To register, fill out this link: https://forms.gle/jQN1UVFxvKAQuGcP8.

Details about how to join the salon will be emailed out to all those who register.

Earth Activist Training with Starhawk & Charles


If you’ve always wanted to learn more about permaculture, here’s two ways to do it—I’m teaching a full permaculture design course, together with Charles Williams and other awesome guest teachers. You can also take just the first three weeks as an intro. And there’s a link below to a free webinar I’ve recorded, to learn more about it. We have some Diversity scholarships and work trade available, too! I’d love to get some more good Witchy energy into the permaculture world – love Starhawk

Learn how to design human systems that mimic natural systems, using a minimum of energy and resources and creating real abundance and social justice. We will cover principles and ethics, reading the landscape, how to heal soil and cleanse water, design integrated systems, harvest water, drought-proof land, build soil, sequester carbon, make compost, compost tea, and biochar, bio-remediate toxins, and more. Explore the solutions to climate change, and the strategies and organizing tools that can put them into place.

A Sampling of Topics plant guilds, food forests, edible landscaping, plants, animals, natural building, design, earth, water, climate, energy, spirit, social permaculture, organizing & activism.

Permaculture Principles, Ethics and Design Process
Climate Change Strategies for Mitigation and Adaptation
Water Systems, Water Harvesting, Roof Water Catchment
Greywater and Blackwater Treatment
Soil Building
Compost, Compost teas, Cover crops, No-till systems
Plant Guilds and Perennials

Join Starhawk, Charles Williams and an all star cast for Earth Activist Training’s first fully online Permaculture Design Certificate Course. We have been teaching this course for 20 years and now are adapting our teaching skills to the needs of the moment. We are excited to share with our global Earth Activist friends, family, and new community!

Students who complete the course requirement receive a Permaculture Design Certificate, recognized by PINA (Permaculture Institute of North America).

LIVE CLASS: Tuesdays 6:00-8:00 PM Pacific starting July 21st. Classes will shorten to 90 minutes starting August. Registration below.




PAYMENT PLAN: In order for us to offer this option – there is an increase in our administrative costs so the payment plan option is for our $800 tuition. We are asking for a $200 down payment to reserve your spot and then $50 / month for 12 months totaling $800 by July 2021.

DIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS: Earth Activist Training is committed to increasing the diversity of the global permaculture and regenerative land movements. Our goal is to provide access to our programs through scholarships for indigenous people and people of color working in environmental and food justice areas. Apply via the link below.

WORK TRADE AVAILABLE: We have transitioned our traditional in person work trade into a remote arrangement. The cost of this course increases with this option as there is additional administrative time.

We ask that you pay a 50% contribution (which is $400) and work trade for 20 hrs ($20/ hr + 30 mins communications). We are seeking remote skills such as: graphic design, video editing, grant writing, journalism, content development…

Stolen Lives – 2004 SF Vigil

Photos from a 2004 vigil outside the SF Metreon called Stolen Lives: Killed by Law Enforcement – a forerunner of Black Lives Matter. Reclaiming folks helped create a living altar.

Click here to see slide show

Stolen Lives was organized by community activists from Hunters Point neighborhoods.

Reclaiming folks including Kevyn, Bill, Starhawk, and others brought potted plants to create a living altar. You can see the Pagan Cluster circled up to the left in the shot below, and creating altars in others in the slide show.

Photos by George Franklin/Reclaiming Quarterly

Reclaiming Witchcraft – New Book by Irisanya

Reclaiming Witchcraft by Irisanya Moon –  July 1, 2020 from Moon Books!

The first book to provide Reclaiming 101, Reclaiming Witchcraft discusses the current state of Reclaiming, its practices and the variety of cultures around the world.

Reclaiming Witchcraft is designed to help the reader better understand the basic structure of the Reclaiming tradition, as well as discover how it has changed since its initial formation in San Francisco and subsequent journey out to the reaches of Canada, Australia, and Europe.

From the basic tenets of what makes a Reclaiming Witch, to how rituals are performed, how lessons are passed on, and how magick is made around the world, Reclaiming Witchcraft seeks to welcome those who might be interested in learning more, while also directing them to resources and paths that can help facilitate their journey.

Irisanya is a priestess and teacher in the Reclaiming tradition, and has taught classes and camps around the world, including the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. She was initiated into the tradition in 2014.

Two more books forthcoming from Irisanya:
Aphrodite: Encountering the Goddess of Love, Beauty & Initiation (September 1, 2020) – Amazon
Practically Pagan: An Alternative Guide to Health & Well-Being (November 27, 2020) – stay tuned for more info!