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Individual Blogs Teacher and writer Angela Magara‘s blog Dreamworker, author, and long time Reclaiming teacher Anne Hill‘s webpage, which also includes her blog and teaching schedule Israeli Reclaiming Witch  Arie‘s blog   Activist and  permaculture, magic, and healing  teacher Baruch‘s website, which includes his blog and teaching schedule a daily devotional offering of magic and lore from Tarot reader Beth Owl’s Daughter  Breena‘s blog about living a balanced and sane life as an academic. eco-activist  and teacher BrightFlame‘s blog on her Land For The People website dedicated to the Earth blog of Cate Kerr, a Canadian witch living in the highlands of eastern Ontario mystic and folk artist Copper Stewart‘s blog on monist-polytheist theology and praxis. Copper Stewart‘s personal blog “I Am That” Copper Stewart‘s political blog on “Reclaiming” American history and symbols San Francisco artist, psychotherapist and long time Reclaiming Teacher  Deborah Oak‘s blog Walking_in_Beauty/  Artist, gardener and long time Reclaiming Witch and teacher Donald Engstrom‘s webpage which includes his blog Dreamcat‘s Dutch weblog and on-line book of shadows Dutch Reclaiming Witch Elisa‘s blog about her art, life and pagan heart. Tarot reader Elise‘s blog British witch Elizabeth Dragonfly‘s blog Astrologer and teacher Fern Feto Spring‘s website, blog and teaching schedule Greg Marzullo‘s blog record of his interface with Mystery harpyr‘s blog Witchcamp teacher Hekate‘s blog on pagan travel, sex positive culture, and polyamory Blog of Jennifer Byers Johanna-Hypatia‘s Blog judy g. writes about the trials and  tribulations of loving a Reclaiming Feri Witch Poet, priestess, warrior, witch and teacher Katrina Messenger‘s webpage, blog and teaching schedule street medic and activist Kirk‘s blog gratitude pilgrimages from Kirstin Glitter whore and teacher Laurel‘s blog teacher and gardener Matt Sky‘s livejournal Mystic Marjorie‘s blog  Comments on politics and online gaming by Nihilix, a Weaver for Winter Witcamp blog of Pandora O’Mallory, academic and long-time Reclaiming teacher and Collective alumna Rain‘s blog Rain‘s blog Robin “Web” Simons from Chicago blog Ruby‘s blog  livejournal and blog of  TC Reclaiming’s Sandy Borrmann Reclaiming Witch Seth‘s blog focusing on earth-based idealism graphic designer and B.C. witch Sharon Jackson‘s blog knitter, spinner, teacher stan‘s blog a collection of photographs and writings by Sulis Welsh farmer, artist and teacher Susan Farley‘s blog Astrologer Teri Parsley Starnes‘ blog artwork from wolfe from chicago teacher zoe soulspiral‘s blog

Websites: Reclaiming teacher and priestess BrightFlame’s site Witch and poet Amoret BriarRose’s site

Magic in the Mundane Aurora’s website of astrology, tarot and co-creative witchcraft Reclaiming teacher Gaiamore’s website on her Earth deck Author and Reclaiming chants musician George Franklin Healing, Liberation, and Magic with Reclaiming teacher horizon greene Reclaiming Witch at Large M. Macha Nightmare’s  website Reclaiming author, activist, and priestess Starhawk’s site Robin “Web” Simons from Chicago – life coaching website  Hypnotherapy practice of Reclaiming teacher Rose May Dance Announcements of public rituals, workshops and information about Reclaiming the Lowlands, contact Reclaiming witches in Holland and Belgium. European Summer Witchcamp Loreley, information about the Loreley summer gathering 2008 and beyond. Reclaiming witch, workshopteacher and individual magical support. Rent a witch, different backgrounds, for information, rituals, workshops, events. A Dutch website, presenting Seidh (Asatru variation on Shamanism), moderated by Zia  Rena Kessem’s site in Hebrew, including seasonal musings and local (Israel) Reclaiming / Pagan / Witchy events Amalthea, Catherine Mira, Gentle Meander,  Litha, Selchie and SophiaHeath are Hawthorne Mystery School; a collective offering Reclaiming Core Classes, public rituals (hinges and full moon), individual mentoring and other workshops and trainings. Medusa, a Reclaiming and Feri teacher – Seance and Divination website T. Thorn Coyle now teaches her own blend of magic. Astrologer, Reclaiming/feri initiate and Reclaiming teacher Fern Feto Spring’s website with teaching schedule Ewa’s professional site for Hypnosis and Reiki practice

Community blogs and webpages with many contributors: Reclaiming Witch Kirk’s contributions to a national  political blog This website includes blogs and columns on ecospirituality and women’s spirituality.  Starhawk, Carol Christ and others write for them regularly.  They also distribute Starhawk’s and Donna Read’s films: Signs Out of Time on Marija Gimbutas, and the National Film Board trilogy, Goddess Remembered, Burning Times, and Full Circle, now on DVD.
Starhawk is a regular panelist on this mainstream blog along with a whole spectrum of preachers, priests, theologians, and scholars of religion. dutch reclaiming community forum A Dutch Witch website with an English section A Dutch-English urban permaculture blog of Baruch, Fortuna, and Dreamcat a Dutch Reclaiming forum, moderated by Dreamcat and Zia A Dutch website, with annual magical topics moderated by Zia southern earth Reclaiming’s (Australia) facebook group  Hebrew forum moderated by Rena Kessem.  Space for sacred discussion in the spirit of Reclaiming and Derekh HaKessem

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