Reclaiming BIRCH Council – March 2022 Meetings

BIRCH 2022 – Register here:

Hey lovely community!Registration for BIRCH 2022 is OPEN! 

March 5th/6th through to March 19th/20th

Our main agenda item will be the second part of our process moving towards a process of accountability. The draft proposal is being worked on (and has been since our last meeting) by the Accountability Cell who stepped forward into this huge role at our last meeting. The draft proposal will be ready for discussion by the beginning of our meeting.We are holding the discussion part of the meeting via Loomio over two weeks asynchronously so folk in all time zones around the world can attend.

ANY ONE who considers themselves part of the Reclaiming tradition and agrees to uphold the Principles of Unity is welcome.

Register here:

The two week meeting will start with a live Zoom session (March 5th/6th – time to be confirmed when registration is closed) which will be live streamed and which will include the creation of sacred space for the whole meeting, a review of the proposals and meeting agenda, a review of our BIRCH process and a short Q & A session. Community Reps will be invited to attend, in order to make the meeting size manageable.

The BIRCH meeting will close with a second live Zoom Session (March 19th/20th – time to be confirmed when registration is closed) which will also be live streamed. At this meeting we will review the draft proposal and any friendly amendments that have been made and call for consensus. This is NOT intended to be a meeting to discuss the proposal – that will all happen on Loomio during the two week asynchronous meeting. Community reps will be invited to attend this meeting to represent their communities. If you consider yourself part of the Reclaiming Tradition but do not belong to a community, please contact us. This process is not intended to exclude any voices, but to make the meeting size manageable.

If you are a Community Rep or Shadow Rep, please register as an individual via the above form AND register using this form:

We ask that ONE person registers as Community Rep and ONE Person registers as Shadow rep per community.

Please help us get the word out by posting this to your local lists, groups and to members of your communities who might not be connected online

The BIRCH Committee: Alex, Lilo, Morgana and Raven Edgewalker

2022 BIRCH Dates Announced

BIRCH is the all-Reclaiming representative council. For more info, visit About BIRCH

Dear Reclaiming Communities,

The BIRCH Committee announces the dates, timeline and agenda for our 2022 meeting.  We appreciate the feedback from the last meeting and have responded with changes.

We have shortened the meeting and reduced the number of Zoom sessions. In order to reflect the changes made in the POU at our last meeting we will focus the agenda of this meeting entirely on the proposal that will be in its second cycle of discussion:  guidelines for principles of accountability (working title). This is a huge and important topic and reflects many years of calls for inclusion and accountability from DARC, BIPOC, Trans, Non-Binary, and Disabled witches in our tradition. NOW is the time to focus on and craft processes to support our evolution.

Thank you for engaging in this journey. The BIRCH Committee: Alex, Lilo, Lore, Morgana, Raven, and Sav

For future updates please join the current BIRCH google group:
There will be more information soon. If you have questions contact

BIRCH Meeting 2022

March 5th/6th – March 19th/20th

March 5th/6th BIRCH MEETING opens with a Zoom meeting that will be recorded and live-streamed. We will create sacred space, introduce the agenda, and initiate the topics for Asynchronous discussion in the 2 weeks immediately following .

March 7th-18th Facilitated Asynchronous meeting, closing 24 hours before the decision- making Zoom meeting. Attended by all reps and open to the whole community. 

March 19th/20th Decision-making Zoom meeting, attended by all reps.

Times of the Zoom calls will be confirmed after registration to include as many time zones as are represented.

2022 BIRCH Timeline

Mid -August 2021: BIRCH Committee will publish descriptions for meeting roles.

September: The agenda is published with last meetings notes and guidance. Further guidance for community discussion and reps published. Seek a liaison with each community to be sure that the information is being widely distributed.

Call for facilitators, minute takers, other support roles along with guidance for what roles mean aka job descriptions, offer roles first to 2020 facilitator group and then recruit from community. 

October: Local Community Meetings and Discussions. Registration opens.  Zoom training for Facilitators and other support roles, with more to be scheduled if required.

Call for agenda items for 2023 meeting – these will be shared with the community in the final stages of the asynchronous meeting so that communities can begin to consider them

November: Local Community Meetings and Discussions.

Registration remains open. Zoom Training for Community Reps to answer questions.

January: 8th/9th or 15th/16th: Tech rehearsal for Committee, facilitators and support folk. 

31st January: Call for future agenda items closes

February: 1st: Call for community folk to create sacred space and maintain the container for the meeting, Zoom call mid-month if required.

20th February: Registration closes.

For future updates please join the current BIRCH google group:


BIRCH – updates re January 2021 meetings

Click here to download the word version

Click here for more about BIRCH

Questions and more information:

BIRCH 2021 Important Information 


Now: Community Conversations on BIRCH proposals. Fundraising.

December 31: Registration deadline for BIRCH

January 11, 2021: Training and BIRCH Meetings Part II on Loomio begin.

January 16-17, 23-24, 30-31: BIRCH Meeting Part II. Three 3-hour Zoom Meetings.

BIRCH 2021 Registration:

Please use the link below to register, first as a participant and then as a representative if you have been selected by your community. In order to attend BIRCH 2021 you must register as a participant, even if you were already registered for BIRCH 2020 or if you are coming as a representative.

  1. Participants:
  2. Representative:

E-mail list. We are currently compiling a BIRCH list to streamline our communications. Please email to be added to this list. 

Call for BIRCH Committee members

Guidelines for Friendly Amendments

BIRCH 2020 Budget Statement

BIRCH Budget 2020/2021

BIRCH 2021Consensus Agenda:

Proposal #1: Revise BIRCH Structure and Process

Replace the original BIRCH structure from 2004. The new structure discusses proposals in communities BEFORE the meetings to inform Community Representatives’ consensus decision-making. This allows full participation with a more concise and nimbler consensus process. Anyone in Reclaiming may participate in the facilitated portion (Loomio) of the BIRCH meetings. All communities (5 or more) may select 1 Representative and 1 Shadow/Alternate to attend the online BIRCH meeting (Zoom). Ideally, every other year is an in-person meeting. 

Proposal #2: Change Principles of Unity to support Reclaiming’s evolution into an anti-racist tradition. Final proposal from DARC

Proposal #3: Principles of Accountability

Draft to be expanded with community input:

•Create policies/accountability for transphobia in our communities 

•Create policies/accountability for racism in our communities. Commitment to an anti-racist change in our tradition 

•How will we implement it in our PoA in our communities? 

•We encourage trans/non-binary folks, people with disabilities, and BIPOC interested in refinining the Principles of Accountabilty to contact

Proposal #4: Magically and financially support marginalized people/communities to create the structures that they need to be in and support leadership.  

Questions and more information: