Death & Dying

Death & Dying from a Pagan Perspective

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The Pagan Book of Living and Dying:

Practical Rituals, Prayers, Blessings, and Meditations on Crossing Over

by Starhawk, M. Macha NightMare, and The Reclaiming Collective

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Birth, growth, death, and rebirth are a cycle that forms the underlying order of the universe. This is the core of Pagan belief and the heart of The Pagan Book Of Living And Dying, a groundbreaking new addition to today’s popular literature on death and the process of dying. Filled with encouragement, strength, and inspiration, this handbook is a source of both spiritual counsel and practical tools and techniques for:

  • honoring and caring for a dying person
  • grieving a beloved relative, partner, or friend
  • planning a funeral or memorial service
  • distributing personal possessions and making room in the home for a loved one’s memory
  • understanding and mourning specific types of death, including miscarriage and terminal illness
  • providing final instructions for one’s own death.

Bestselling author Starhawk and 38 other Pagan writers have combined practical rituals with prayers, chants, blessings, meditations, essays, and insightful personal stories to offer those in the Pagan community and beyond a new understanding of death and a powerful new approach to the various stages of dying and grieving.

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