Green Burials

Green Burials

Offering your body to the Earth after you have passed on

All of the major spiritual traditions of the world have elaborate rites to bury and honor the dead after they pass from this lifetime. Throughout history family members and friends have had an important role to play in the burial of loved ones that provided them with a necessary step in the process of mourning.

In today’s society much of that tradition has been lost. Most individuals are now buried according to the customs of the Funeral industry with rituals dicated more by the pocket book then personal customs.

What many people do not know is that there are legal options to burial that do not require a body to be placed in an expensive metal coffin surrounded by concrete. There are those who feel this method of burial not only robs loved ones of caring for their Dead during the time of transition, but also takes away from an important cycle of returning the body to the Earth after the Spirit has passed on.

These pages are an attempt to start a network of people across the United States who will resesarch and monitor the laws and rights of the citizens in their state regarding burial options.

We Need Your Help

Some of the initial research on State by State laws has already been compiled, but the laws change quickly and options vary widely from State to State. We need a network of voluteers who are willing to keep an eye out for changes in the laws of their state and serve as a contact point for others who wish to seek out options.

For those interested in finding out more about environmentally conscious burial options please follow the links at the top of this page, paying special attention both to the laws of your State and what you need to do to legally plan for an alternative burial method.

Green Burial is a way for individuals to consciously make decisions and gain control of the disposal of their body after passing from this lifetime.

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