Circle of Love

Circle of Love

El Salvador Friendship Fund and The International Institute for Co-operation Amongst Peoples Invite You to Be Part of a Circle of Love

What is a Circle of Love?

200 people who are willing to pledge $100 a year for five years to support programs of sustainability and cultural development in El Salvador.

What Programs Would I Be Supporting?

Here are just a few examples:

Youth Leadership Programs: Special training’s in ecology, population, sex education and relationships, identity and history.

Nina a Nino/ Children With Children: Leadership training’s for youth so they can bring techniques of organic agriculture, composting, permaculture and long term planning to their communities.

Facilitators for Sustainability: Salaries for indigenous leaders, trained in sustainable agriculture, to travel to outlying communities and teach.

Wholeness and Wellness: Training’s in nutrition and food preparation for local women.

Transportation costs for people to get to training’s.

Cultural Exchange Programs: In El Salvador, the indigenous culture is almost gone. Ullua, the language of the Lenca people, is no longer spoken. But across the border in Honduras, it still survives as a living tongue. Cultural exchanges between indigenous people of neighboring countries would strengthen local communities and help revive lost traditions and pride.

What Would I Get in Return?

The satisfaction of contributing to the positive work of healing and transformation among some of the world’s poorest people.

A yearly update letter describing the work that has been done, the accomplishments and setbacks, and future directions.

Our El Salvador Web Page will also contain periodic political updates, analyses and ongoing news.

How Do I Join?

Fill in the attached coupon and send your tax-deductible donation to:

Reclaiming — Circle of Love

PO Box 14404

S.F. CA 94114

Circle of Love

Yes, I want to join the Circle of Love. Here is my tax deductible donation of _____________.

I will pay $100 annually on or before May 1, or _____________

$50 biannually, on or before May 1 and October 31.

OR: I cannot commit to joining the Circle at this time, but I would like to donate _____________.

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