Earth Day with Starhawk – Online

Earth Healing Practices for Earth Day: Saturday. April 22 11 AM Pacific Time.

Online event. By donation: A benefit for Earth Activist Training. ASL signed for the hearing-impaired.

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The earth is crying out for healing, and we can answer her call most skillfully when we develop our own intimate relationship to the natural world. And that deep earth connection is also the foundation for our personal resilience.

Join Starhawk to learn spiritual and hands-on practices from five accomplished earth healers of varied traditions, including Charles Williams of Earth Activist training and three of our rising young indigenous teachers and allies: Mariah Masters, Sunshine Claymore and Kanyon Sayers-Rood.

Come away with new tools for your own earth healing practice, with inspiration and renewed energy for the struggles and the joys of the great work of our time – the regeneration of land and community.

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Wyrd Vibrations – Reclaiming’s New Album!

Wyrd Vibrations – Album Preview

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Youtube videos – click here

Wyrd Vibrations: Future Sounds of Paganism from Reclaiming Tradition – released Spring 2023 –  took root several years ago with a conversation at Mysteries of Samhain witchcamp.

Step Tranovich of Electromancy, a disabled musician, had just produced an album of hard rock played entirely by robots called Technopagan. KMo Valkrie, also at the camp, added ethereal vocals on Electromancy’s debut, and we laughed that this ought to be Reclaiming’s new sound.

About the same time Lali Wilde brought out an album of unique art-pop songs. And Thesmophora recorded a Russian version of Starhawk’s song Snake Woman.

Our joke took on new life. We talked on zoom a couple of times, then put out a call on Reclaiming’s elists. We received so many tracks that we made two albums. (Watch for a new collection of ritual music, Melodic Mystery, later this Spring.)

Here’s a preview of the 15 tracks on Wyrd Vibrations: Future Sounds of Paganism from Reclaiming Tradition.

– George, Step, KMo, & Ola’i — album coordinators


Suzanne Sterling, Beverly Frederick, magic brook. You’ve heard them do chants. Now they stretch it out.

Lali Wilde, Irene Rojas-Carroll, Heaven Walker, Doug Orton, Dia Patience, Cyd Reiman, KMo Valkyrie – singers heard for the first time on a Reclaiming album.

Mary’s Madness rocks it. Funky Nixons rap it. The elevator mix of an old classic will lift your spirits!

And robots – did we mention that Electromancy is a robot band? With videos to prove it!


Fifteen tracks of music ranging from deep to dramatic to daunting. Electronica, rap, metal, a capella, trance, indie pop…. Complete with videos!


All streaming sites – listen where you want – but don’t miss the youtube video playlist!


Official rollout begins Equinox 2023. Album is already streaming.


Because we want Reclaiming albums to represent all of our music!


Search on streaming sites <wyrd vibrations pagan> – or watch for links around Spring Equinox 2023!


Brigid Ritual with Starhawk – Online

The Well of Regeneration

A Ritual for Brigid, Goddess of Fire and Water

Sunday February 5 -11am PST

By donation – click here to register

A Benefit for Earth Activist Training. This ritual will help us recoup some of our losses from the recent storms.

Renew your spirit and replenish your energy at Brigid’s well!

Imbolc, the ancient Celtic Festival sacred to the Goddess of the Holy Well and Sacred Flame, marks spring’s beginning. After a winter of storms, blizzards and floods, we are ready for regeneration!

Brigid is the midwife, aiding the birth of all new things, and the patroness of poetry, smithcraft and healing. Join us for a guided meditation to her Holy Well to find our sources of personal and earth healing, and the inspiration to forge a world of justice and balance.

 Please share this widely!  It will be ASL interpreted and close captioned.

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Dancing the Spiral – free download!

Dancing the Spiral: A Companion to the Writings of Starhawk for Circles & Solitaries

Free PDF

Download a free PDF of the almost-completed version of this compendium of Reclaiming magic – history, ritual skills, activism, dozens of  workings for individuals and small groups, plus all sorts of resources for your magical practice.

Roundtable interviews feature folks from around the Reclaiming network. Links to dozens of ritual-tested chants. Illustrated with photos from witchcamps and rituals.

Planned for 2023 publication, you can get a jump on the magical world by grabbing a free PDF now!

Dancing the Spiral – free PDF:

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Chants Revue – Brigid – Never Lose Our Way to the Well

Reclaiming’s audio alchemists have worked overtime to extract this classic chant from a longer meditation recording – we got both verses and all the harmonies! It’s a seasonal favorite, sure to be sung at Brigid rituals this weekend.

“Never Lose Our Way to the Well” – by Anne Hill, Suzanne Sterling, and Starhawk


Full Meditation

Reclaiming Chants Playlists

Spiral Dance 2020 Moves Online


Dear Reclaiming Community,

Due to the pandemic, the 41st Annual Spiral Dance ritual will be held online on Halloween, Saturday, October 31st, 2020.

We hope you will join us on this blue moon, a mere three days before the election.

We in the Spiral Dance Cell decided to act with an abundance of caution to protect our Pagan community. We will be reaching out very soon with more information as to how you may participate in this life-changing magical working.

Yours in Service,

The Spiral Dance Organizing Cell

Info & Updates:

Photo copyright 2020 Michael Rauner