The BIRCH Committee NEEDS new members!

Would you like to join us? We are seeking 3-5 more people

We especially encourage BIPOC, transgender, non-binary, disabled, and people of all ages, especially from communities outside of the USA.

Contact us for more information at 

What is BIRCH?

BIRCH is The Broader Intra-Reclaiming Council Hub to help support tradition-wide decisions for the Reclaiming tradition. The BIRCH Committee is empowered to convene BIRCH meetings and plan meeting agendas.

The current BIRCH Committee of 4 includes BIPOC, Non-Binary, Non-USA, Disabled, and Elder members.

What will you do?

BIRCH Committee members meet online via Zoom every 2-4 weeks working by consensus to do all the work necessary to make BIRCH meetings happen. You will likely spend an average of 4-9 hours per month. You will receive a financial stipend, as well as a unique insight into the Reclaiming process and develop connections with Reclaiming communities and members around the globe. Terms of service are 2-3 years. 

Skills Required

Especially: Seeking skills in communications, outreach, tech, fundraising, accounting, consensus, and BIRCH process.

Do you have special skills in one or more of these areas? Let us know if you are interested in joining us.

General: Good organization and communications, reliability, knowledge of the Reclaiming Tradition and consensus process, and access to reliable internet services for video conferencing.

Please contact if you are interested in joining us and tell us about yourself, relevant skills and interests, your home community and geography, and if you identify as BIPOC, trans/non-binary, disabled, youth, elder. Contact us for more information

With gratitude-

The BIRCH Committee: Alex, Lilo, Morgana, Ten Crows, Valériane Snow

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